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We Are The Market Movers

As an Advisory service firm in Equity Market & Commodity Market .The purpose of the firm is to facilitate investment and provide qualified Research Advise to Existing Clients and New Investors who unaware about the Equity & Commodity market to continue better Returns & profitability. The Market Movers Financial Services providing Technical & Financial consultancy services in Stock, Commodities, FOREX and having Corporate Office in Bhopal. The overall business model created keeping in mind that can provide effective Research based advice to create a complete Investment solution platform of unlimited Trading & wealth creating opportunities. This platform combines certain and enables the investors to provide a wide variety of investment solutions to gain better returns.

Our Services


The major aim of Research Services is to

  • Generate Maximum Returns - to its subscribers and for which Researcher Analysts work hard day and night.
  • Produce Good investment opportunities Do Opportunistic to Investor - it is subscribed by clients because in this market 90% are looser, they do not have when to Buy/sell/exit.

We think that the fees we are charging against a return which is to be generated in future and also protect & multiply your capital/hard earned money. It is our duty to return this through good investment opportunities so as you can realize the fees paid and make good money as well. Please do give us an opportunity to serve and work for you.

We believe that market opportunities often go unrecognized. However with our structured advisory services, we can help Investors to get market opportunity. Depending on whether Investor is an intraday trader or a seasoned investor, we offer them various kinds of advisory Research that are designed to suit Investors needs. While there are thousands of stocks to choose from, it is important that Investors make informed investment decisions. With our dedicated team of experts covering a wide range of stocks, our advisory services can help Investors to get better Return.

In market 95 % looser and remaining 5 % who are taking interest in those market and invest & Earn smartly .we would like to target such 95% Investors which have lose their money but through our advisory they can regain their money from market.

Our Vision

To be a nationally and globally valued company that deliver the most excellent financial solutions, employing state-of-the-art technology and by the most intelligent mind.

Our Mission

Boost the profit generating skills of the customers in a speedily globalizing atmosphere and deliver advanced and sustainable services.

Our Goal

To become the world class corporation and industry leader in the market share.

Our Core Competence Lies In

Employ the most excellent approaches, software and human resource accessible for the research.